Equinox: New Cree Teen Superstar

On March 28, 2014 DC Comics, creators of Batman, Superman, and other prominent superhero characters announced the newest addition to the superhero(ine) lineup: “Equinox: a 16-year-old Cree teen from Moose Factory named Miiyahbin, whose power stems from the Earth and changes with the seasons” (CBC).

The Toronto-based creator of the new comic series, Jeff Lemire, stated “creating a teenage female superhero was interesting to me because, generally, most superheroes are white males. We need diversity and we need different personalities” (CBC). Lemire spent time in Indigenous communities in and around Moose Factory, Ontario to gain inspiration and input on his new comic series and heroine character.

Resources:  CBC article and video about Equinox

DC Comics Website: People are talking about JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED’s Equinox!

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