Idle No More

Idle No More (INM) is an ongoing Indigenous-lead social movement that began in December 2012. The Idle No More manifesto states:

Idle No More calls on all people to join in a peaceful revolution, to honour Indigenous sovereignty, and to protect the land and water.

INM has and will continue to help build sovereignty & resurgence of nationhood.

INM will continue to pressure government and industry to protect the environment.

INM will continue to build allies in order to reframe the nation to nation relationship, this will be done by including grassroots perspectives, issues, and concern. (Idle No More: Vision )

The Idle No More movement originally began in opposition to the Canadian government’s Omnibus Budget Bill C-45, a bill that attacked Indigenous sovereignty and land title. The movement began as “a thread of emails between four women from Saskatchewan: Jessica Gordon, Sylvia McAdam, Nina Wilson, and Sheelah McLean” (Cultural Survival Quarterly).  Since the first Idle No More National Day of Action on December 10, 2012:

Idle No More has quickly become one of the largest Indigenous mass movements in Canadian history – sparking hundreds of teach-ins, rallies, and protests across Turtle Island and beyond. What began as a series of teach-ins throughout Saskatchewan to protest impending parliamentary bills that will erode Indigenous sovereignty and environmental protections, has now changed the social and political landscape of Canada (Idle No More- The Story)

In addition to on-the-ground tactics such as teach-ins, demonstrations, and round dance flash mobs, the Idle No More movement has heavily utilized social media outlets for organizing, including Facebook and Twitter.

Resources:  Website; Facebook; Idle No More Tweet Map; Being Idle No More: The Women Behind the Movement


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