Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project (ACIP)

In honor of the 2008 North American Indigenous Games held in Cowichan Valley, British Columbia, the Ministry of Education and the Cowinchan Valley School District (District No. 79) partnered together to create the Aboriginal Curriculum Integration Project (ACIP). The ACIP resulted in the integration of Aboriginal content into the curriculum of schools in the district, with the intent of raising awareness on the diversity of British Columbia’s First Nations and on the North American Indigenous Games.

The ACIP website features lesson plans and teacher resources. Curriculum, which generally focuses on grades 7, 8 and 9, has been developed for English, science, social studies, math, and physical education. Special lesson plans and resources that explore the North American Indigenous Games and its athletes have also been developed. The teaching materials have been developed using knowledge derived from local Aboriginal experts, and the initiative’s website stresses the importance of accurately reflecting the cultures, knowledges and histories of Aboriginal people and ensuring that the resources are used in a respectful way.

URL: http://acip.sd79.bc.ca/ 

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