Intotemak Zine

Intotemak, which means “my friends”, is a zine produced by the Indigenous Relations Program of the Mennonite Church of Canada. Starting in 2005, Intotemak is a quarterly zine seeking to explore the relationship between Indigenous and settler Canadians and churches across Turtle Island/North America.

They seek in the subject matter they explore to create understanding and solidarity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, with an end goal of working together towards reconciliation. They publish photos and articles about issues pertaining to relationship building and peacemaking, as well as related events. Contributions come from many different perspectives, both non-Indigenous and Indigenous. It features news, events, stories, histories, editorials, images and recipes. Many of the issues are available online for free.

In 2018, the quarterly Intotemak magazine was discontinued. Mennonite Church Canada’s Indigenous-Settler Relations office will be producing a special publication annually in its place, beginning with the title Unsettling the Word.


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