Presbytarian Church of Canada: Healing and Reconciliation Seed Fund

The Healing and Reconciliation Seed Fund was created by the Presbyterian Church of Canada (PCC) in the year 2006, as a way to support projects that encourage relationship building between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Presbyterians. The project envisions neighbors (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) learning from one another, and working together as partners towards common goals.

This initiative emerged in the years following the Presbyterian Church’s confession to its Indian Residential Schools (IRS) role (1994). It has since committed itself to a path of reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples, and undertaken a number of initiatives with the aim of acknowledging its responsibilities in the residential school legacy. The church is a member of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement with the federal government.

The fund supports local initiatives that involve non-Indigenous church members reaching out to Indigenous neighbors, and vice versa. The “seed” funding is intended to facilitate long-term relationships and reconciliation efforts within communities, and they encourage involvement of local First Nations Elders, youth groups, community groups, etc. in events requesting sponsorship. There is $60, 000 in funds available annually, with $10,000 reserved for youth-related initiatives. Funded groups are asked to provide feedback on their experiences so other groups can learn and use successful models in their own communities.


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