Reporting in Indigenous Communities –

Started in 2011, Reporting in Indigenous Communities is a website that offers a guide and numerous articles aimed at “Helping journalists tell better Indigenous news stories.” Not only does it include guides and advice on how to accurately and ethically create informative and true news stories, it also includes other links and checklists to inform journalists.

The site suggests that not all news features on Indigenous peoples should be about Pow wows or big events, but issues or events that might have other meaning. It also includes posts and articles written by various journalists. This website targets reporters and journalists in an attempt to increase the quality of news stories and features centred on Indigenous peoples and their communities. It attempts to counter the tendency of news to only show cultural events and little else. The website provides ideas and suggestions to site visitors.

Duncan McCue (Anishinaabe) is the creator and curator of Reporting in Indigenous Communities. He has worked for many years in journalism at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and is now a professor at the University of British Columbia.

To read a more in-depth case study of Reporting in Indigenous Communities, click here.


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