The Mennonite Church of Canada: Indigenous Relations Program and “Paths for Peacemaking with Host Peoples”

These are initiatives of the Mennonite Church of Canada, and its Director of Indigenous Relations, which target individuals and communities of the Mennonite faith. They come from the recognition that the Mennonite church and its practices have been deeply impacted by colonialism, and of the need for reconciliation between non-Indigenous members of the Mennonite faith and Indigenous peoples.

The goal of Indigenous Relations is to facilitate an increased awareness of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, and to support just relationships between “host peoples” and non-Indigenous Mennonites. The publication “Paths for Peacemaking with Host Peoples” attempts to provide concrete advice to non-Indigenous Canadians on steps they can take to nurture more just relationships between Indigenous communities and Mennonite faith communities, and answer the question “What can we do?” as settler-Canadians. The overriding goal of the program is reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous Canadians. They believe it is critical to begin to decolonize the Mennonite expression of settler-Christianity, transforming into a practice of faith which is responsible to the land upon which it exists and the hosts who are Indigenous to it.


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