Turtle Island News

Turtle Island News is Canada’s only national Native weekly newspaper, published every week at the Grand River Territory of the Six Nations in southern Ontario. It is a politically independent newspaper that is wholly owned and operated by Linda Powless, who had a lot of experience working in mainstream media from the CBC to national newspapers. The publication now has a circulation of about 20,000 newspapers weekly, and is “Canada’s most respected national native weekly newspaper with a growing national and international readership.”

The publication also takes articles from other sources, and has a wide range of employees who work on the website, along with recurring journalists and writers. The first version of Turtle Island News was published in the basement of Linda Powless’ home in 1994. Turtle Island News is intended to target an Indigenous audience, but reaches a more expansive one as well.

Turtle Island News was the first major attempt to create a newspaper that discussed Indigenous issues. Not only does it inform readers, it also helps to mark improvements or achievements, helping to change perceptions of Indigenous communities and individuals.

URL:  http://www.theturtleislandnews.com/

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