Two Row Times

The Two Row Times is an Indigenous newspaper that aims to reach out to Aboriginal communities across Canada and the United States. Though the publications have articles written for or about other Indigenous nations, the Two Row Times is primarily for Haudenosaunee community members. It is currently distributed in every reserve in Ontario, as well as many non-Native communities as well.

The articles range from editorial pieces, sports news, and issues in different communities. The website plays host to many of the newspapers articles, although individuals can subscribe for a physical copy of the newspaper for a fee. Jonathan Garlow created the newspaper, a man of Mohawk and Potawatomi descent. His family owns a Print and Copy business and uses this newspaper to help unite the Haudenosaunee nation. The first full issue of Two Row times came out on August 21st, 2013.

Although the newspaper allows for delivery to non-Indigenous communities, the main audience is members of Indigenous communities. The news in this publication deals with Indigenous issues, and many of the articles deal with particular problems in individual communities. The goal of the Two Row Times is to provide timely and relevant news and information to Native communities as well as to serve as a bridge between all nations by promoting and demonstrating the values of the Two Row Wampum.

The Two Row Times also has a community blog where writers can submit stories, and their Facebook page has a significant following.


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