Pulling Together Canoe Journeys

The Pulling Together Canoe Society, incorporated as a non-profit in 2004, organizes annual canoe trips along the West Coast of British Columbia that bring together RCMP officers, public servants, and Aboriginal peoples. Their mission statement reads: “Recognizing the past by Pulling Together to enhance understanding between Public Service Agencies and Aboriginal Peoples by Canoeing the traditional highway, strengthening our future relations.”

Now retired Staff Sergeant Ed Hill of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) was a participant and organizer of the VisionQuest Journey of 1997 that took place down the West Coast of British Columbia. This journey included RCMP officers and First Nations peoples visiting the many First Nation communities along the coast of B.C. Ed Hill then planned another canoe journey down the Fraser River in 2001. The focus of the journey was to improve police relations with First Nation communities. The RCMP sent out an invitation to all the police agencies in British Columbia requesting participation in the endeavor.

Pulling Together continues these yearly journeys, but now has expanded its canoe families to include many First Nations organizations, communities, public service agencies and additional municipal, provincial and federal law enforcement agencies. Every year since 2001 has seen different leadership, travel routes, and participants. The journeys have included the sharing of food, gifts, and cultural practices, and have had a profound impact on participants.

URL: http://pullingtogether.ca/

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