The Law Project

The Law Project is an interactive website designed to get users thinking critically about legal, human rights, and social justice issues. It is an online teaching resource that contains seven different themed modules: First Nations, Residential Schools, Women & Children, Youth, National Security, Environment, and Human Rights & Social Justice.

The Law Project was designed by Monro Communications, a multimedia content and software development company, for the British Columbia Social Studies Teacher’s Association, and was created with the support of the Law Foundation of British Columbia, the Vancouver Foundation, Justice Education Society, and the Government of Canada. The website appears to have been launched in 2011, when it was nominated for “Best Interactive Production” at History Makers 2011 in New York.

The Law Project contains a large selection of resources, including important legal and court documents, simulated videos dealing with pertinent issues and conflicts, and problem-posing activities related to the theme of each of the seven modules. There are many different ways to use the Law Project. This project seems to be targeted at teachers, as it is essentially a creative online curriculum, and includes a Teaching Resource Centre for use by secondary school teachers from across Canada. Anyone can make an account and use the website for free.


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