Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement – Ottawa (IPSMO)

IPSMO is “a grassroots organization that directly supports Indigenous peoples in diverse struggles for justice. We also work within communities to challenge the lies and half-truths about Indigenous peoples and colonization that dominate Canadian society.” The organization, which is a working group of OPIRG Ottawa, is open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and focuses on local and regional campaigns.

IPSMO believes that “as we act in solidarity with indigenous people, we build relationships where we can learn from indigenous cultures. By doing this, we can further decolonize ourselves, and so learn to better challenge the racist and colonial ideas that dominate Canadian society.” They “provide support to actions and campaigns for Indigenous sovereignty, self-determination, defense of the land, environmental protection, cultural revitalization, and the honouring of treaties and agreements.”

IPSMO’s website contains a wealth of resources and information related to different Indigenous movements and struggles, including the Algonquins of Barriere Lake, Attawapiskat First Nation, the Honouring Indigenous Women campaign, the Two Spirit Peoples’ Struggle, and First Nations Child Welfare. The pages for each of these different categories contain links and references to related articles, books, and videos, in addition to concrete ways for people to support and get involved in the campaigns. The site includes youtube videos of IPSMO’s events, an active blog, links to other First Nations and solidarity organizations, and a host of additional resources.


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