Solidarity Halifax: Indigenous Solidarity Campaign

Solidarity Halifax is a “membership-based, pluralist, non-sectarian, democratic, anti-capitalist organization in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The group is organizing in the Halifax Regional Municipality and across Nova Scotia to create space for respectful dialogue, debate, activism and education on alternatives to capitalism.”

One of Solidarity Halifax’s six campaigns focuses on Indigenous Solidarity. Since the emergence of the Idle No More movement, Solidarity Halifax has engaged in a sustained effort to provide support to the communities and organizers involved. In addition to answering calls for attendance and lending logistical support, “Solidarity Halifax sees education within non-Indigenous/settler society as a primary objective in solidarity work. Taking responsibility for Canada’s colonial legacy, educating ourselves about the political and economic history that continues to shape relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and fighting ignorance and racism within their own communities are considered necessary preconditions for a healthy and genuine reconciliation between all peoples.”

In April 2013, Solidarity Halifax hosted a teach-in called Why Are We #IdleNoMore? which was attended by over 450 people. A video and audio recording of the event are found on their website. The Indigenous Solidarity page includes a list of useful resources from Indigenous organizations and information about Aboriginal rights in the Canadian context as well as locally in the Mi’kmaqi context. Solidarity Halifax hosted a conference in October 2013 called “A People’s History of Nova Scotia” featuring the stories of Women’s, LGBTQ, African Nova Scotian, Workers’ and Indigenous Decolonization movements in the province. The purpose of the conference was to “unite radical stories of resistance in Nova Scotia.”


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