Amnesty International Canada: No More Stolen Sisters

Amnesty, in collaboration with a wide range of Indigenous peoples’ organizations, human rights groups, labour unions and faith communities, has created an awareness and advocacy campaign called No More Stolen Sisters. As stated on their website, Amnesty “calls for a comprehensive national action plan to stop violence against women.”

The campaign began in 2008 and is still active, encouraging Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to participate in vigils, letter writing and petitions.

As stated, Amnesty calls for the government to:

  • Ensure Indigenous women’s access to justice, including effective and unbiased police response to all cases of missing and murdered women and new investigations of cases where police misconduct has occurred;
  • Improve public awareness and accountability through the consistent collection and publication of national statistics on rates of violent crime against Indigenous women;
  • Provide adequate, stable funding to the frontline organizations that provide culturally-appropriate services such as shelter, support and counseling for Indigenous women and girls and their communities;
  • Address the root causes of violence against Indigenous women, including by closing the economic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people;
  • Eliminate inequalities in the services available to Aboriginal children, in particular, through the child welfare system.


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