Community Resource Guide: What Can I Do to Help the Families of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls?

Created by The Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC), the Community Resource Guide (CRG) is a “plain-language publication that has been designed to assist educators, health and service providers and other allies with the necessary information and tools to work in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner with families who have lost a loved one.”

This is an important resource that includes: posters, fact sheets, CD and toolkits for the individuals, communities and educators who are using them.

Themes that are addressed in this Community Resource Guide are:

  • Sisters In Spirit Vigils
  • Men as Effective Allies
  • Unlocking the Mystery of Media Relations
  • Navigating Victim Services
  • Safety Measures for Aboriginal Women

The Community Resource Guide’s purpose is for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples who are working with families and communities to encourage and participate in violence prevention activities, community support, and capacity building, and to promote healthy relationships.


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