Highway of Tears – Media Campaign and Community Safety Toolkit

This is a media campaign resulting from a series of advocacy and awareness movements about young women who have gone missing or were found murdered along Highway 16, known as the Highway of Tears, in British Columbia.  

In 2006, the Highway of Tears Symposium took place in which First Nations community members and victims’ family members participated. This Symposium resulted in 33 recommendations with four themes: Victim Prevention, Emergency Readiness, Victim Family Support and Community Development. The current initiative is in partnership with the Civil Forfeiture Office Crime Prevention Division of the Ministry of Justice and has resulted in the creation of a Community Safety Toolkit.

The Community Safety Toolkit has 14 resources that are useful to education services providers, along with non-Indigenous and Indigenous community members. It aims to promote safety and to serve as an educational and awareness tool. As stated on the website, the main themes of the resources are: personal safety, addiction, community violence and empowering men to stand up against violence. These resources create awareness about the Highway of Tears and provide tools for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to participate and advocate for a safe environment for women.

URL: http://www.highwayoftears.ca

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