Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Based in Montreal, Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is a grassroots solidarity collective which “works to eliminate violence and discrimination against Indigenous women living in Quebec.” As stated on their website, “The collective seeks to consult and collaborate with Indigenous communities and organizations to foster understanding and dispel harmful stereotypes commonly held in regards to Indigenous women who are targets of violence.”

It is an action based collective that focuses on the intersectionality of racism, sexism and classism that is seen in the media and justice/legal system. This collective stands in solidarity with Indigenous activists, the families of victims, Native organizations, and international bodies, while supporting and upholding the demands and rights outlined by Indigenous peoples as seen in the 2004 Stolen Sisters Report, Sisters in Spirit Campaign and Quebec Native Women Report.

This collective supports and organizes events such as the October 4th Vigil and the February 14th Memorial March for Missing and  Murdered Indigenous Women. In addition to this, Justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women also does media work, supports women’s shelters, and speaks out against racism and sexism.

URL: http://www.missingjustice.ca

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