Joint Stewardship Board: Haudenosaunee-Red Hill Agreements

The Joint Stewardship Board oversees the Haudenosaunee-Red Hill Agreements which define a partnership between the Haudenosaunee and the City of Hamilton, Ontario. The Red Hill Valley is an area that is of historical and cultural significance to the Haudenosaunee.  Ancestral remains dating over 10,000 years old have been located in this area. Since 2003, the Joint Stewardship Board has initiated a number of partnership projects including medicine plant recovery, environmental and ecological monitoring, deer inventory and community engagement.

 Trails open up access to the valley which is “the only remaining natural corridor linking the Niagara Escarpment in the south to Lake Ontario shoreline in the north….The escarpment portion of the valley is recognized as a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations.  The partnership has initiated an Environmental Interpretive Centre which “will be a story of the communities that share a history in the Valley, the values that bind our communities together, and our path to a resilient future.”






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