Aboriginal Law and Policy Stream- University of Manitoba Robson Hall Faculty of Law Juris Doctor Program

As part of the Juris Doctor Degree program at Robson Hall Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba, there is an Aboriginal Law and Policy stream available to all students in the program with an interest in Aboriginal specific legal issues. As Robson Hall Faculty of Law is the only law school in the province of Manitoba, they implemented this option to “educate our students and the greater community about the capacities, rights and needs of Aboriginal communities.”

One of the most innovative aspects of the Aboriginal Law and Policy Stream is The Gladue Project which Faculty professors Debra Parkes and David Milward “[work] with colleagues, students, members of the Manitoba Bench and bar to improve Manitoba’s implementation of the Gladue decision on Aboriginal sentencing.” The project influences Manitoba’s legal system regarding Aboriginal people.

A related initiative is the Manitoba Aboriginal Law Students Association.  The Association’s objective is to “serve both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal law students who wish to learn more about Aboriginal people and Aboriginal legal issues.”

URL: http://law.robsonhall.ca/jd/about-the-program/aboriginal-law-a-policy

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