Indigenous-Settler Relations and Decolonization Research Conference

The Canadian Sociological Association and the Canadian Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences held their annual conference in June 2015 at the University of Ottawa. It connected sociologists, other academics, activists, artists, and others engaged in the study of Indigenous-settler relations and/or the struggle for decolonization. The focus on Indigenous-Settler Relations and Decolonization Research originated during the 2014 CSA annual conference, where the plan for the 2015 conference was decided. It was a week of sharing information, ideas, questions and resources to further these dialogues on Indigenous-settler relations and decolonization in Canada and worldwide. The Indigenous-Settler Relations and (De)Colonization Research Sessions included:

  1. The Struggle for Ownership, Control, Access and Possession: OCAP in Action
  2. Why Indigenous Nationhood and Self-determination (Should) Matter to Sociology
  3. Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence
  4. Digital Technologies and Indigenous Cultural and Language Resurgence
  5. Indigeneity, Law, Gender, Sexuality
  6. Pathways of Settler Decolonization


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