Reconciliation Canada and Walk for Reconciliation

Reconciliation Canada is an organization dedicated to promoting dialogue and developing relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples towards the goal of building sustainable communities.  Inspired by the work of Gwawaenuk  Elder and Chief Robert Joseph, the initiative encourages individuals and organizations to organize dialogue circles and reconciliation projects to move beyond the residential school experience towards reconciliation.  They wish to build “new relationships among Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians – relationships built on a foundation or openness, dignity, understanding and hope.”  With foundation and corporate partners, Reconciliation Canada has speared a number of projects, particularly in British Columbia where they are based.


The Walk for Reconciliation took place on September 23, 2013 in Vancouver, British Columbia and was hosted and organized by Reconciliation Canada. The walk was originally planned as a healing among Indigenous peoples and all Canadians in lights of the legacy of the residential schools. It was a walk for peace and a chance to reconcile our differences, and hearts as well as rebuild relationships among Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. 70,000 people attended the walk, including 300 teams. There were notable government officials and First Nations leaders also in attendance.

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