National Arts Centre: Spotlight on Indigenous Storytelling and Reconciliation

The National Art Centre (NAC) promotes many events, workshops and showcases based on Indigenous Storytelling and Reconciliation. Many of these events in 2016 were over the months of January and February and were open to all participants. The NAC is a non-Indigenous organization that actively produces many events. These events range from adaptations from personal experiences to music and plays.  Video clips are available.

The events included:

  • I lost my talk World Premier – January 14 to 15
  • A Tribe Called Red – January 9
  • Rita Song Project – January 13
  • Jack Charles V The Crown – January 14 to 16
  • 100 Years of Loss – January 14 to 30
  • Going Home Star – Truth and Reconciliation – January 28 to 30
  • Florent Vollant – January 30
  • Moonlodge – February 12 and 13

Other Indigenous-focussed NAC sponsored events are accessible from this website.


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