Reconciliation Syllabus: A TRC-Inspired Gathering of Materials for Teaching Law

Reconciliation Syllabus is a blog housing a collection of materials, resources and recommendations for teaching law in a way that supports recommendation #28 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Recommendation #28 calls us to rethink both what and how we teach in our schools. With a spirit of collaboration and sharing, the blog invites law professors from schools across the country to provide input, and share pedagogical innovations and resources in a non-institutional setting. The blog breaks down the gathered materials into designated sections for the specific courses/areas of law that they apply to. For example, there are sections for constitutional, criminal, and environmental law curriculums, a section on teaching these ideas to first-year law students, and a resource list. They note that none of these sections are exhaustive, and they strongly encourage people to continue submitting new ideas using the comment box on the blog. The website asks for “courage, imagination, and vulnerability in both gathering and sharing”, and examples of both successes and failures occurring along the path to reconciliation.

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