Re-Igniting the Sacred Power of Creation: Essential Knowledges for Transformative Action

Re-Igniting the Sacred Power of Creation: Essential Knowledges for Transformative Action, is the name of the first Indigenous Environmental Studies/Sciences (IESS) conference. It was held at Trent University April 22-24, 2016.

The conference brought together Indigenous elders and knowledge holders to discuss solutions to the complex environmental challenges facing our planet. The goal was to “create pathways for transformative action by honouring our diverse roles and shared responsibilities through knowledge collaboration across disciplines and traditions. The conference will empower participants by rebalancing principles, values, and revitalizing practices for the continuation and strengthening all Life.”

The conference featured three women key note speakers- Vandana Shiva, Manulani Meyer, and Robin Kimmer- as well as a series of workshops, panel discussions, presentations and breakout action groups. The weekend, which convened on Earth Day, was open to all ages, and to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, especially those who work in the environment sector. It brought together a diversity of voices, both academic and non-academic, young and old, to engage with traditional teachings and knowledges, and to brain storm solutions and discuss future actions.


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