River Run 2016: Healthy river, healthy people

In Spring 2016, individuals from Grassy Narrows First Nation traveled 1700 km to Toronto, Ontario to address Premier Kathleen Wynne. They demanded justice, and for the 9000 kg of mercury that was dumped in their river in the sixties to finally be cleaned up. On Thursday, June 2 a family friendly rally was held at Queen’s Park in Toronto, where supporters joined in their call for justice.

A public speaking event featuring Grassy Narrows chief, Elders, women and youth, as well as Avi Lewis was held earlier in the week.

Supporters can learn more about the issues facing Grassy Narrows First Nation at: a)  River Run 2010, b) CBC The National, c) Grassy Narrows Drummers, or read news articles about previous River Runs at: a) 2014, b) 2012, c) 2010

URL: http://freegrassy.net/2015/12/22/river-run-2016-healthy-river-healthy-people/


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