Ogimaa Mikana: Reclaiming/Renaming

Ogimaa Mikana is an art project that began in Toronto in 2013. It is an initiative of Hayden King and Susan Blight, two Indigenous artists and activists. The goal of the project is to restore original place names (i.e. street names, paths, roads, etc.) in Toronto, a city that often invisibilizes the history and contemporary realities of Indigenous peoples. The first action the artists took was to rename a small section of “Queen Street” to Ogimaa Mikana, which is the name of the project, and means “Leader’s Trail”. The initiative spread across the city of Toronto, and beyond, with 2016 seeing billboard installations by Ogimaa Mikana across Anishinaabeg territory. The creators of the project see the project as a catalyst for dialogue, and intend for it to be a means to “challenge, and reflect on, and operationalize the concepts of reconciliation and decolonization”.

URL: http://ogimaamikana.tumblr.com/

More info: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/unreserved/resisting-reclaiming-and-reconnecting-to-culture-1.3577136/artist-reclaims-toronto-streets-using-ojibway-language-1.3581118



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