Decolonizing Workshops: Supporting Women Affected by Sexualized Violence

The Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Centre in Vancouver, B.C. works to end all forms of violence against women. The Centre offers one-day training sessions for service providers on decolonizing praxis.  The training is designed for Community-based Victim Service Workers, Stopping the Violence Counsellors, Stopping the Violence Outreach and Multi-cultural Outreach Workers, Transition House Workers, Police-based Victim Service Workers, Justice System Personnel (Police, Crown, Probation), Ministry of Children and Families Social Workers, Aboriginal Services and interested community partners and agencies.

This one day experiential workshop will deepen understandings of colonization and violence for service providers who work with Indigenous women affected by sexualized violence. It is an opportunity to talk about negotiating feelings of helplessness, exploring women’s social realities and their resistance to oppression. The workshop is unique as it weaves together film, discussion, and creative planning to make a space where historical trauma and concrete strategies for decolonizing practice can be explored. Past workshops have been held in Nanaimo, Prince George, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Terrace, Nelson, and Kelowna.


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