Active Reconciliation: Katimavik Youth to be Leaders in the Reconciliation Movement in Canada

With its proven track record and its commitment to strengthen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth, Katimavik proposes to make Canadian young women and men the leaders in active reconciliation for future generations. Katimavik will build on its track record experiences of past programs and make reconciliation a focal-point of its organizational processes and all programming going forward.

Today, Canada is increasingly recognizing the presence and contributions of Indigenous women and men, who have lived, occupied and protected this land. There is a growing appreciation that without some form of renewed relationship, Canada will be significantly hampered in achieving many of its economic, social and environmental goals. It is equally important that the social and economic conditions of Indigenous peoples improve significantly and quickly.

Katimavik has defined reconciliation as “an informed, active, ongoing relationship restoration process that requires continuous engagement and effort over generations. It starts with the education of the individual to inspire action and change, and continues to local community effort and larger national undertakings”. The key first step for reconciliation is understanding the truth of our nation’s history. Katimavik is developing foundational learning curriculum that will become a core part of all programs going forward. This curriculum will produce informed, thoughtful, skilled women and men who can facilitate and lead reconciliation activities within their own communities.



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