About Us

This project has been an effort to provide a snapshot of the many initiatives undertaken by various parties to change the understandings of non-Indigenous people in Canada about Indigenous peoples, the historical unfolding of colonialism, and settler colonialism as it is reflected in Canadian society today.

The project was undertaken by Trent University graduating students in a fourth year course called “Transforming Settler Consciousness”, offered for the first time by faculty member Lynne Davis in 2014.  The founding members of this class were:  Lynne Davis, Brodie Ferguson, Cherylanne James, Kristen Lloyd, Tessa Nasca, Sara Taylor, and Julian Tennent-Riddell (website developer).  All but one member of the class are of settler ancestry.

As a class, we work as a research group to document these initiatives, largely from web sources. This website is being maintained under the direction of Lynne Davis, Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies, Trent University.

In 2015, we expanded the entries, reaching more than 200 entries. Contributing class members for 2015 were: Kyle Brooks, Chantelle Clement, Lynne Davis, Sarah Doney, Erin Hartmans (webmaster), Melanie Knell, Carolyn McGee, Montana Mellett, Jennifer Nicholson, Alexa Small, Kyla Stonefish, Elisabeth Wallace, and Jesse Whattam. 

In 2016,  the class created a new category called “reconciliation”.  New entries were added and all existing entries were reviewed to see if they fit with this category.  Contributing class members for 2016 were:  Carter Connelly, Beverly Cox, Megan Curran, Lynne Davis, Mike Diamond, Kailee Dupuis, Peter Franken, Alisha Glode, Emily Henderson, Will Horton, Roxanne Kaczynski, and Kameel Sharma.  Further entries were added by Kristen Lloyd.

In 2018, the class undertook revisions of previous entries and added new initiatives. Class members of “Transforming Settler Consciousness” in 2018 were: Theresa Benedict, Paige Burns, Jaime Fortin, Will Jones, Robin Linn, Lauren MacLachlan, Taylor McDonald, Beverley Morgan, Victor Parker, Rashawn Pershad, and Scott Somerville. 

In 2020, the class added new initiatives.  Class members of “Transforming Settler Consciousness” in 2020 were: Lucas Alexiou, Kendra Brightnose, Sabrina Bulfon, Noodinong-Bemosed Christanson, Rachael Cummings, Sarah Daviau, Ashley Debeyer, Jaimee Lazore, Keira Purdon, Bailee Rourke and Taylor Wilson.

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