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Indians & Cowboys

This media site by Makoons Media Group, edited by Tara Williamson, has member-driven content relevant to decolonizing. “Our goal is to stay true to the moniker “Think” and publish work that engages ideas in a way that is provocative and … Continue reading

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11 Indigenous podcasts for your listening pleasure

Time to decolonize the airwaves! There are loads of podcasts created and hosted by Indigenous people that aim to tell stories from an Indigenous perspective. From true crime to current affairs, sci-fi analysis to music storytelling, this list covers a … Continue reading

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Reconciliation 101 for Settlers

The O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk Collective’s Beats & Braids Festival is a unique event that has weaved together artists, community members, and local and visiting Indigenous talent from across Turtle Island. While this festival is a celebration of music, there was a … Continue reading

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CBC Radio’s Unreserved

Unreserved is a CBC radio program hosted by veteran Indigenous radio personality Rosana Deerchild. It is an on-air “space for Indigenous community, culture, and conversation” from coast to coast to coast. The program moves beyond the headlines, and introduces listeners … Continue reading

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National Arts Centre: Spotlight on Indigenous Storytelling and Reconciliation

The National Art Centre (NAC) promotes many events, workshops and showcases based on Indigenous Storytelling and Reconciliation. Many of these events in 2016 were over the months of January and February and were open to all participants. The NAC is … Continue reading

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Beat Nation

The Beat Nation –Hip Hop as Indigenous Culture is a project, funded through Heritage Canada’s Gateway Fund. The website focuses on the development of hip-hop within communities of Indigenous youth. The website states that the older community members see hip-hop … Continue reading

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Case Study: Neil Young’s Honour the Treaties Tour

by Tessa Nasca  Neil Young’s Honour the Treaties Tour is an example of a non-Indigenous celebrity artist engaging in an initiative that reaches a broad audience of mainstream arts and media consumers with a message rooted in treaty rights.  As … Continue reading

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A Tribe Called Red

A Tribe Called Red (ATCR) is a native DJ/ Producer crew based in Ottawa. The press kit for ATCR states: Bursting forth from Canada’s capital, native Producer/DJ crew A Tribe Called Red is producing a truly unique sound that’s impacting … Continue reading

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