Saskatchewan: Teaching Treaties in the Classroom

Saskatchewan’s Teaching Treaties in the Classroom curriculum and resources were developed by Saskatchewan’s Office of the Treaty Commissioner (OTC), in partnership with the Government of Saskatchewan, the Government of Canada, and the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. The OTC commissioned the development of the first teacher resource guides for grades 7-12 in 2001.

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Manitoba: Treaty Education Initiative (TEI)

The TEI involves the development, piloting, and implementation of treaty related curriculum, educational resources, and teacher training in Manitoba schools. It is an initiative of the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM), in partnership with the Assembly of Manitoba chiefs, the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, Manitoba Education, and the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre. It is part of the TRCM’s public education mandate, and is a component of their broader “We are all treaty people” initiative.

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The Blanket Exercise

The Blanket Exercise is an initiative developed by the Aboriginal Rights Coalition of KAIROS Canada, a faith-based social justice organization, in conjunction with Indigenous Elders and educators as a method of teaching Canadians a history not often taught through a critical exploration of Indigenous rights and Canadian history. It emerged as one tool/resource as part of their broader Indigenous Rights initiative that includes both public education and action campaigns.

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Wampum-Neechi: Indigenous & non-Indigenous Youth Experience

Wampum is a one-week summer camp program for youth aged 12 to 14, hosted by the Aboriginal Ministries Circle and the Hamilton and London Conferences, at Five Oaks Education and Retreat Centre. The program is part of Five Oaks’ ongoing “Right Relations” programming, which promotes reconciliation and relationship building, in conjunction with the decolonization efforts of the Aboriginal Ministries Circle as the Indigenous arm of the United Church of Canada.

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