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Children Create Treaty-themed Spoken Word Poetry in Cree Language

An educational initiative funded by a TreatySmarts grant from ArtSmarts Saskatchewan brought children together from two schools (St. Frances School and Oskayak High School) to write spoken word poetry using the Cree language on the theme of treaties. The use … Continue reading

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High School Students Create Educational Videos after Learning about Treaties

An educational process undertaken by Saskatchewan’s Prairie Valley School Division in 2012 sought to engage students in the capturing of stories and deep inquiry about personal and regional historical relationships to the land and the Treaties through photography, video, interviews … Continue reading

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We Stand Together Campaign

The Paul Martin Foundation and Me-to-We have teamed up to create a learning opportunity for children, teachers, and parents to “break down barriers to starting a dialogue about Aboriginal culture, rights, experiences and history”.  Participants have the opportunity to sign-up … Continue reading

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Canadian Roots Exchange

The Canadian Roots Exchange, a registered charity, was created between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth “who believe that in order to bridge the gap between Canada’s peoples, we need to become educated and aware of the teaching, triumphs, and daily realities of … Continue reading

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Aboriginal Cultural Awareness for Youth

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness for Youth is a program created to help “non-Aboriginal children and youth to a better understanding of Aboriginal culture and learn to respect Aboriginal peoples.” The on-line interactive curriculum examines contemporary issues affecting Aboriginal communities and people and … Continue reading

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Free the Children: Aboriginal Programming

Free the Children’s Aboriginal Programming offers non-Aboriginal youth an opportunity to learn about Aboriginal peoples, history, traditions, and more. “Through campaigns, leadership programs, inspirational We Day events, lesson plans, video clips, blog posts and social media channels, Free the Children is … Continue reading

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Otesha Project: Nation to Nation Tour 2013

The tour was developed to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous people together to “renew relationships with each other.”  2013 was the first year this tour ran. Participants rode their bikes for 300km along the St. Lawrence River to create awareness of … Continue reading

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