Young Agrarians

The Young Agrarians is a non-Indigenous program for new and young ecological, organic and regenerative farmers across Canada. The program is developed for all food growers: rural and urban farmers, market gardeners, seed savers, beekeepers, community gardeners, and those working to steward the land and soil. The Young Agrarians program acknowledges that Indigenous people have title to all lands in ‘Canada’. Continue reading

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Canada Border Services Agency and Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Collaboration

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) have co-developed a strategy to improve the border crossing experience of those who daily utilize or travel through the Akwesasne-Cornwall border crossing port of entry. The initiative has been in development for the past several months with plans for short, medium, and long-term improvements. Continue reading

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McGill University-Indigenous Student Alliance

The Indigenous Student Alliance was created to provide support for the Indigenous students attending McGill University. The alliance was designed to connect Indigenous ways of knowing with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people within the community and surrounding area. The goal of the Indigenous Student Alliance is to develop and maintain an on-going partnership with students and community memebers. Continue reading

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Ionkwa’nikonri:ro Thompson Island Cultural Camp

The Thompson Island Cultural Camp is located on the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation. The Eco-Tourism camp is open to all community members and non-Indigenous people who are interested in learning local cultural knowledge. The camp includes Eco-Cultural Educational activities such as medicine plant identification, wilderness survival, traditional agricultural practices, canoeing, and traditional teachings. Continue reading

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Google Earth- Canada’s Original Place Names

Google Earth is a website in which users can explore different areas of the world. Within this website there is a section in which people are able to see the original names of regions within Canada. For example, there is a place in what is now Newfoundland, called “Place of Spirits”. This is where the Inuit made their homes for thousands of years which also has spiritual significance. By learning the original place names within Canada, individuals are able to understand the significance of lands to Indigenous people.,-100.89861901,-6405.1049934a,10074911.90693021d,35y,8.19005319h,0t,0r/data=CiQSIhIgYmVjMmFjMDczMzhlMTFlOGEzYTFmZjM4NTk0YmQ5ZmE

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“Bringing the Ancestors Home”

The Canadian Human Rights Museum showcases many stories of historical moments on their website .  One such story is written on the Kwakwaka’wakw community in British Columbia. This community had to deal with their ceremonial items being stolen after holding a Potlatch in 1921 when it was still illegal. The story focuses on how the community is working towards the repatriation of the items that were taken.

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#Next150 is project that encourages people from all over Canada to participate in a number of challenges. These challenges are used as a tool to educate people on the topic of reconciliation. It is something that promotes the idea of learning on your own. For example, one challenge that can be completed was given by Ryan McMahon called ‘Indigenous mixtape’. Continue reading

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First Nations Child and Family Caring Society

FNCFCS has spearheaded the fight to support Indigenous children and families, particularly at the interface of government systems.  They have a number of campaigns, including “I am A Witness” and “Jordan’s Principle”. They invite Canadians of consciousness to stand up for Indigenous children, including equality of funding for Indigenous children and their families. Continue reading

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imagineNATIVE Film Festival

imagineNATIVE is an Indigenous-run film festival that “presents the world’s largest Indigenous film festival, a national Tour focused on reconciliation, as well as the Institute among many other initiatives throughout the year,” a description found on their web page About iN. The festival is an inclusive space that works to fight Indigenous stereotypes through the films they screen, as well as building sincere relationships with Indigenous artists. Continue reading

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4 Rs Youth Movement

This movement is a youth-driven that began in 2013 with 14 “founding partners: five national Aboriginal organizations, five national youth-serving organizations, and four foundations” and encourages dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth and to develop a relationship between our youth. Continue reading

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