Research Issues

We undertook this research project in a limited timeframe and encountered a variety of research issues which we wish to share with readers:

Evaluation of Initiatives

It is important to be aware that not all of the initiatives we have documented are explicitly aimed at settler Canadians or transforming settler consciousness. There are a diversity of approaches, objectives and methodologies within this collaborative collection. Some of the initiatives exist to engage with settlers to transform their understandings of Canadian history, Indigenous peoples and cultures, and the relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples. Others are Indigenous-led initiatives which involve non-Indigenous settlers, but do not necessarily have the stated objective of transforming settler consciousness. We included initiatives that we identified as creating space for the transformation of settler consciousness. We did not, however, critically assess or evaluate these initiatives for their effectiveness, nor did we critically analyze them through an anti-colonial or decolonizing lens. This type of assessment is crucial, and we recognize the need for future evaluation. Our goal was to document as many initiatives as possible within a limited time frame, in order to provide a resource for others with interest in this subject.

Duration of Initiatives

During our process we found that initiatives can be broken down into four major categories based on their duration: ongoing, annual, short-term, and one-off events. We chose to include each of these four categories, and have tagged each initiative with its duration.

Readers may have the opportunity to actively participate in the ongoing and annual initiatives we have documented. Although the timeframe has passed for some of the short-term initiatives and one-off events, our intention in including short-term initiatives and one-off events is to inspire ideas for future projects. Even if you have missed a particular event, reading about these initiatives is a great foundation for building your own event or initiative.

URLs may become outdated

Though we have included links so that you may do further research or investigate the initiatives and resources mentioned in our inventory, it is quite possible that these links may in the future be deleted, outdated, or changed. Though we have made sure that our links lead successfully to the designated website or article, it may become necessary to delete or omit pieces of our inventory if they fail to provide an accurate link, if any. It does not make sense to keep a piece of our collection that is no longer active, as we are attempting to engage with current, ongoing initiatives and resources.


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