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Settler Treaty Card Poster

The Settler Treaty Card Poster is an ad campaign which features a woman smiling and holding a card designed to appear as though it was issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The poster says “You can’t live here without it!” in … Continue reading

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Rabbit and Bear Paws

Rabbit and Bear Paws is a series of graphic novels developed and created by Chad Solomon, Tanya Leary, and Christopher Meyer. The comical series is set in North America in the 1750s, and is set around the adventures of two brothers … Continue reading

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Got Land? Thank an Indian!

Got Land? Thank an Indian! is an initiative that creates t-shirts that bear the message “Got Land?” on the front, and on the reverse read “Thank an Indian!”. According to the group’s Facebook page, the shirts are meant to generate … Continue reading

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Equinox: New Cree Teen Superstar

On March 28, 2014 DC Comics, creators of Batman, Superman, and other prominent superhero characters announced the newest addition to the superhero(ine) lineup: “Equinox: a 16-year-old Cree teen from Moose Factory named Miiyahbin, whose power stems from the Earth and … Continue reading

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