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The Huffington Post-Canada First Nations

The Huffington Post is a newspaper that has a section set aside for Canada’s First Nations that covers a series of articles such as Indigenous music, law, politics, issues, movements, education and overall lifestyles. URL: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/news/canada-first-nations/

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First Nations Drum

First Nations Drum is Canada’s largest Aboriginal newspaper intended to reach all communities within the country. It is distributed to bands, friendship centres, schools, colleges and universities, libraries, Aboriginal businesses and organizations. The newspaper is dedicated to informing and entertaining … Continue reading

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Media Indigena

Media Indigena was created in February of 2010 as an interactive, multimedia magazine dedicated to Indigenous news, insights and creative expression. Media Indigena consists of 10 Aboriginal bloggers from Canada dedicated to adding more voices and visuals across the world. … Continue reading

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Case Study: Reporting in Indigenous Communities

by Brodie Ferguson Ever since the creation of film and television, there has been controversy over the representations of Aboriginal peoples. Articles and reports on corruption, substance abuse, crime are often the only times we see Aboriginal peoples in the … Continue reading

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First Story Toronto

First Story Toronto is a project of the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto.  It documents the Indigenous history of Toronto and shares it through various initiatives including First Story Tours, walking tours of places in the city, and archival materials.

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Highway of Tears – Media Campaign and Community Safety Toolkit

This is a media campaign resulting from a series of advocacy and awareness movements about young women who have gone missing or were found murdered along Highway 16, known as the Highway of Tears, in British Columbia.  

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Two Row Times

The Two Row Times is an Indigenous newspaper that aims to reach out to Aboriginal communities across Canada and the United States. Though the publications have articles written for or about other Indigenous nations, the Two Row Times is primarily for … Continue reading

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