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Ongoing processes of colonialism have profoundly shaped and affected relations between the Canadian State and First Nations, and non-Indigenous and Indigenous peoples. Settler consciousness, which permeates through nearly every aspect of mainstream society, has allowed colonial practices and narratives to remain dominant within Canada.

What follows is a collaborative collection of past, present, and ongoing initiatives from across the territory now known as Canada, which contribute to the process of understanding and transforming settler consciousness, and rebuilding relationships between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples who share this land.

To navigate the collection, which is presented in the form of a prolific blog, you can select particular topics and sectors using the Categories and Tags sections on the right sidebar.

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11 Indigenous podcasts for your listening pleasure

Time to decolonize the airwaves! There are loads of podcasts created and hosted by Indigenous people that aim to tell stories from an Indigenous perspective. From true crime to current affairs, sci-fi analysis to music storytelling, this list covers a wide range of Indigenous podcasters putting out ground-breaking content for your ears.  Continue reading

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Decolonizing Workshops: Supporting Women Affected by Sexualized Violence

The Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Centre in Vancouver, B.C. works to end all forms of violence against women. The Centre offers one-day training sessions for service providers on decolonizing praxis.  The training is designed for Community-based Victim Service Workers, Stopping the Violence Counsellors, Continue reading

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Social Justice Week: Decolonizing and Transforming Social Justice

Every year, Ryerson University’s Social Justice Week kicks off with the first day dedicated to Indigenous justice. The first day of the 2016 Social Justice Week was dedicated to Indigenous Sovereignty and Solidarity. This event included an annual Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) ‘check-in’ to discuss the recommendations and explore what has been done so far. There was also a panel featuring Joanna Dallaire & Denise O’Neil Green, Athena Pheasant, and Duncan McCue; a rally and march; a sharing circle for Indigenous students, faculty, and staff; a talking circle open to all; and an ancestors potluck feast.

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Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies: Decolonizing Conference

The Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies (CIARS) brings together faculty, students and community organizations whose research interests and political commitments are in anti-racism and critical race studies. In November 2016, CIARS held its three-day international conference to lead critical discussions on the theme of “Race, Anti-Racism and Indigeneity: Anti-Colonial Resurgence and Decolonial Resistance”.

The “Decolonizing Conference” sought to bring together a range of international and local scholars, activists, and artists. The focus was to reframe the way anti-racism and critical race studies are tied to questions of Indigeneity and decolonization. Continue reading

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Decolonizing the Media: Challenges and Obstacles on the Road to Reconciliation

In light of Media Democracy day on November 19th, the Saskatchewan Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released “Decolonizing the Media: Challenges and Obstacles on the Road to Reconciliation” by Dr. Patricia Elliott of the University of Regina School of Journalism.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) highlighted the news media’s role in shaping public opinion, including a long history of perpetuating negative stereotypes and under-reporting issues of importance to Indigenous communities. Continue reading

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Decolonizing and Decommodifying Archaeology

The intellectual property of individuals and communities is an integral part of their identity, worldview, and heritage. One of Canada’s greatest challenges is to develop strategies to safeguard the cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples, from material artifacts such as art objects and garments, to ephemeral ideas embedded in music and oral histories. Whether intentional or not, the inappropriate use of cultural heritage by those who do not fully understand and appreciate its cultural, economic, and spiritual value is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the heritage holders.

Since 2008, an international team led by SFU archaeology professor George Nicholas­ has worked to address these underexplored issues. Continue reading

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Decolonizing the Table: An Evening on Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Resetting the Table, Food Secure Canada’s (FSC) 9th Assembly, brought 900 participants passionate about healthy, just and sustainable food together on October 13, 2016 at Ryerson University in Toronto. Indigenous food sovereignty was at the forefront of the conversations. The Assembly was launched with a public event, Decolonizing the Table: An Evening on Indigenous Food Sovereignty. This opening plenary was led by individuals playing instrumental roles in the Indigenous food movement. Continue reading

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